Felipe Cantuaria -  Expanding the Brazilian tradition

When the guitar becomes a mesmerizing  orchestral microcosm


Felipe Cantuaria is an exceptionally gifted young up-and-coming Brazilian-American guitarist hailing from Maryland. Born in 1991, Felipe began studying the guitar in 2002 and remained self-taught until 2010.


International Scope

Cantuaria received his liberal arts degree in music from Mount St. Mary’s University in 2013 with a guitar performance academic focus.


Brazilian Music Roots

Felipe recently spent six months in Brazil studying Bossa Nova styles and improvisation with noted Brazilian master Joao Cantiber.


Enriching  multiple genre synergies

Felipe Cantuaria enjoys playing in many side projects with a diverse stylistic range incorporating genres such as jazz, punk, and reggae.


Cantuaria's remarkable melodic facility, sense or rhythmic flow and precision, paired with his improvisational flair, have earned him a place in today’s contemporary musical arena.